Interlibrary Loan

Our library is connected to other libraries throughout the state and nation. If you can't find an item in this library, ask library staff to help you get it from another library.


  • If you need to request a book from another library that our library does not own we would be happy to help you.  Please write or tell the librarian what book you are requesting and they will locate it at another library if it is available.  There is no fee for this service. 
  • Usually libraries let us borrow materials for 3 to 4 weeks.  If you need to renew the material we can try to renew it but sometimes we are not able to due to the demand at other libraries.  Please return ILL material in a timely manner, since there is no fee for this service, we like to have the materials returned by the due dates to ensure future borrowing privileges. 
  • If items are not picked up within 10 days, they will be sent back to the library they were borrowed from, and if you request materials several times and they are not picked up each time you may loose your ability to request in the future.  


Nashua Public Library participates in the State Library's "Enrich Iowa" programs, which provide for Open Access and Interlibrary Loan.  Library staff will use all technologies available to meet the requests of local patrons and patrons of libraries throughout the state.  There is no cost to the patron requesting material.  Outgoing interlibrary loan will be made available for four week checkouts with the possibility of one renewal.  Material newer than six months may not be available for loan to other libraries it is to the discretion of the library director.  In order to protect this valuable service, the Nashua Public Library reserves the right, as necessary, to refuse interlibrary loan service to patrons with habitual late returns or borrowed items, or who ordered and failed to pick up borrowed items.