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Give Time to the Library

There are a variety of ways volunteers contribute to the Library. Volunteers help with collections, mailings, special events, assist students with their homework, and provide instruction to new adult learners and those who have limited access to or experience with computer technology.

Walk into the Nashua Public Library and you'll discover a diverse community.  Designed for readers and learners of all ages and from all backgrounds, we are the community's living room.  A place to connect, unwind, share ideas, and explore new possibilities. 

Working along side our staff, volunteers transform a building of "stuff: into a dynamic place to dream, do and discover.  As a volunteer you are constantly renovating out living room to make it a little bit bigger and better than it was yesterday.  You give us space to grow and welcome new ideas, people, and opportunities.  So, open the door to your next great opportunity.  We've saved a seat on the couch for you.  

 In order to achieve the vision and mission statement of the Nashua Public Library, we view the active participation of citizens, of a variety of ages, as a valuable resource to the library.  After fulfilling library procedures, the library accepts and encourages the involvement of volunteers at the library under the supervision of the library staff and within appropriate programs and activities.  Volunteers shall be extended to right to be given meaningful assignments, the right to be treated as an equal, the right to effective and professional supervision, the right to involvement and participation and the right to recognition of competent completion of assigned tasks. 

Library volunteers will be chosen by the Library Director and the Board members, cooperatively, on either a one time project or a long term, scheduled basis. 

All volunteers must fill out a volunteer application form that includes home address and telephone number.  Volunteers must be 12 years of age or older.  Forms for persons under 18 mush be signed by a parent or guardian and include home and work numbers of parent or guardian.  Volunteer hours worked by minors must comply with current Iowa Department of Labor Laws.  Minors may not work more than 4 consecutive hours per day without prior arrangements between library staff and minor's parent/guardian.  General background checks on adult volunteers may be made by the library. 



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